Cleaning & Hygiene

  • SEKO, as a leading international firm in the dosing systems industry for over 30 years, has succeeded in combining ongoing technological innovation with unmatched reliability of its products, developing the most advanced systems for the industrial cleaning market. Dosing systems for industrial dishwashers, laundry machines and dilution stations for concentrated cleaning products and multiple applications are a result of R&D based on specific market and customer requirements.

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  1. Kitchen dosing systems:


SEKO's individual peristaltic pumps and integrated systems are user-friendly. They combine safety, reliability and durability for automatic dosing for ware washing and chemicals in any type of dishwasher. The TDS systems are perfectly designed for dosing bacteria or enzymes. A wide choice of systems, digital or analog and weekly/daily programming options are available.



  1. Laundry dosing system:


The mechanical and efficiency of our peristaltic pumps, along with advanced electronic research, has made it possible to offer a wide range of automatic systems for a variety of automatic dosing applications. SEKO offers models featuring up to 6 pumps with long-life motors and broad capacity ranges. In addition, all systems are equipped with low product controls and alarms.





  1. Surface and cleaning systems:


SEKO offers a variety of dilution products. When these products are connected to the water supply, they simply and quickly prepare an accurate chemical solution for use in various cleaning applications. There are many models available with different flow rates, pre-fitted for sinks, small spray bottles and large containers. The ProMix and ProSink are manufactured complete with approved backflow preventer devices.