Seko Company Presentation

SEKO has been a significant manufacturer of metering pumps and dosing systems for over 40 years since 1976 with over 700 employees worldwide and 95 million Euros turnover. It has gained a worldwide leader position in many fields by supplying innovating products and offering reliable solutions for the dosing, injection and transfer of liquids, together with an efficient control of the related chemical parameters.

Specialized in the design and production of peristaltic pump, solenoid metering pumps, motor driven metering pumps, API675 & ATEX metering pumps, measure and control instruments for pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidty, free chlorine and flow, swimming pool panels, and PE dry feeders.

SEKO operates in the global market with three business units:

  1. Water & Industry:

    • Dosing systems for the water treatment includes solenoid metering pumps, motor driven mechanical pumps, measure and control instruments and a wide range of accessories. Our long experience has led us to develop specific products for the different applications on the various markets of which both SEKO and its customers have been leaders for years. Dosing systems for swimming pools, pumps and integrated measuring instruments and pre-assembled panels for measuring and monitoring the chemical and physical properties of water are simply a few examples of the development of products based on the specific needs of the market and of customers. The design of metering units with tanks, stirrers, metering pumps and their accessories, together with systems for the automatic polyelectrolyte preparation complete the range of products based increasingly on an approach oriented on Customers’ needs.


  1. Process & Systems:

    • Our long experience has led us to develop specific products for the various applications on the various markets of which both SEKO and their customers have been leaders for years. Specialized in the design and manufacturing of dosing and transfer pumps and systems, SEKO offers a whole range of plunger and diaphragm metering pumps with flow rates from 0,6 l/h to 16000 l/h and pressures up to 1200 bar. Also process pumps are available until to 30000 l/h. The product range is completed by dosing systems, including units for the preparation, dilution, storage and dosing of chemicals. SEKO currently supplies pumps and systems to the oil & gas, energy, petrochemical, water treatment, steel, ceramics, foodstuff, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries which can meet API674 or API675 and ATEX explosion-proof motors.


  1. Cleaning & Hygiene:

    • SEKO, as a leading international firm in the dosing systems industry for over 30 years, has succeeded in combining ongoing technological innovation with unmatched reliability of its products, developing the most advanced systems for the industrial cleaning market. Dosing systems for industrial dishwashers, laundry machines and dilution stations for concentrated cleaning products and multiple applications are a result of R&D based on specific market and customer requirements.


SEKO certificates in Quality Assurance and Manufacturing standards are accessible by clicking the following links:


1. ACHILLES cert. for SEKO

2. ASSE cert. for SEKO

3. ATEX cert. for Seko

4. ATS cert. for Seko

5. CE cert. for SEKO

6. DNV cert. for SEKO

7. FPAL PO1NT cert. for SEKO

8. GOST cert. for SEKO

9. INTERTEK cert. for SEKO

10. INTERTEK2 cert. for SEKO

11. KIWA cert. for SEKO

12. UPC cert. for SEKO

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